MICHAEL SIMIC: King of the Crooners


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TICKETS $25 (via eventbrite) KIDS FREE

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Internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and entertainer, Mikelangelo, drops the persona and performs under his given name of Michael Simic, taking us deep into the gently beating heart of the crooner.

      Crooner: definition and meaning

a)    A singer, typically a male one, who sings love songs

b)    To lull by singing or humming in a soft, soothing voice

c)    To utter a low murmuring sound

d)    A drink that is less alcoholic than the one you are currently drinking  

With the invention of the microphone, no longer did a singer need a huge set of lungs reach the back row; they could whisper and send a shiver down your spine. This new style wasn’t to everyone’s taste, but it didn’t take long to woo the world.  Over time, crooners have crept into almost every genre of music from country to disco to new wave to mainstream pop.   

In King of the Crooners, Simic takes us into the seductive, reflective and tender side of some of the greatest male singers of the 20th century. With his velvet voice and sublime guitar playing, Simic croons some of his favourites, from Dean Martin to David Bowie; Bing Crosby to Billy Idol; Roy Orbison to Chris Isaak; Sam Cooke to Bryan Ferry; and of course some Elvis for good measure.  

For the second set, Simic proves that the art of the crooner isn’t a thing of the past, performing a collection of his own original ballads, love songs and lullabies. He shares poignant and funny personal stories and even takes us back to his family roots with an old Croatian folk song his father taught him.

King of the Crooners is a show that gives voice to the genuine tenderness that lives in the souls of men.  

"Mikelangelo has an all consuming magnetism, any time spent in his company is an absolute joy”  **** FEST Magazine (UK)

 “Crooner, troubadour and raconteur…combining elements of comedy, romance and tragedy” SceneStr 

“One of the great showmen of the Australian indie music scene…”

Patricia Karvelas, ABC